Can’t they cut the £319,000 PR cost?

In this time of austerity, the Council increased charges to the elderly and is now considering cutting library services, in direct opposition to ensuring that funds are available for our front line services.

As is often found with the Lib/Lab pact, they see it acceptable to cut critical services while protecting non-essential bureaucracy.

From a Freedom of Information request, the Council is scheduled to spend £319,000 on public relations and £595,000 on consultants, a total of £914,000.

Surely, this can be reduced and the funds made available for the elderly, library and other essential services!

If monies spent on non-essential services are discoverable through Freedoms of Information requests, which anyone is entitled to make, then why is the Council not significantly reducing such expenditure?

Surely Council leaders have the complete breakdowns of expenditure available to them.

Therefore one must ask why these decisions are being taken and what is the justification for the reluctance to reduce bureaucracy and waste at the expense of front line services?

Andrew Tagg

Beechwood Ave