Can we afford huge costs to dispose of Northgate House?

I write in the recent light of discovering that the £300,000 for this Customer first facility within the Broad Street Plaza Complex is in fact the cost of operating this facility and not the rent as initially thought.

It is this lead what led me to write an article titled “How the council could avoid huge losses” which was published in the Halifax courier on the 11/01/2012.

Although I was wrong in this instance it appears that I was right in principle. As it appears that this facility which we have never had and don’t necessarily need is being set up at time when the council are making cut backs, left right and centre simply to dispose of Northgate House.

As by disposing off Northgate House will mean that all council related enquires currently dealt with from within the building will have to be dealt with from another location.

Hence why the council has pushed this scheme through during the current economic climate, rather than putting it on the backburner.

So by retaining Northgate House this could quite easily save not just £300,000 annually but a total of at least £376,524.85 annually.

The rent calculated from the area of the unit 6B within the Broad Street Plaza Complex of 5855sq ft which the council have agreed to enter a lease into, against £13.07 per sq ft according to the article titled “Come and have a shout tonight say Central Library campaigners” published within the Halifax courier on 07/12/2011.

Add this to the cost of renting office space the size of Northgate House of 62,000 sq ft at £5 per sq ft. This comes to a total cost of £686,524.85 annually.

So can we afford to dispose of Northgate House and waste at least £13.7 million pound every twenty years just for one or two more shops? Is this what the council means by making “full use of the buildings it already owns and rents”? Quote from Calderdale Council website.

Michael Bradley