Can we get updates on police appeals?

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WELL done to the Courier for helping to catch the rapist by showing a picture of him a few years ago, but why don’t you do a follow up regular series of the pictures you show regularly on “do you know these people” wanted in connection with theft, etc, to see if any of them have been arrested due to the Courier photos.

Secondly we read in the Courier of court cases where people have been given so many hours of Community Service, what do they do? Because I have never seen any of them doing service.

Why not have them clearing the rubbish and litter around the area, for example while on the bus going from the top of Salterhebble Hill to Elland the amount of litter on the pathways and sides of the grass verges on the carriageway, you could fill many a skip!

W B Chapman

Abbey Walk South