Can we have an inquiry into Northgate?

FURTHER to recent correspondence in (Your say, Courier) about the proposed demolition of Halifax Central Library and Northgate House, it seems people may have forgotten that despite a substantial people-based support for the retention of these two buildings, the council may hope the problem will go away.

I believe many people think the council and Gregory Developers may have already signed a legal agreement to let the developers have final control of the library and the Northgate House site.

I would like an official public inquiry to ascertain if this is, in fact the case. Probably chaired by someone totally independent.

After recent unpopular decisions made by the council, it appeared that the said council promised to be more “transparent,” this promise doesn’t appear to be in operation so far as the Northgate site is concerned. I look forward to a positive response from the council which will honestly put the people’s mind finally to rest as to the future retention of Halifax Central Library and Northgate House.

Graham Rigby

Jubilee Road