Canon Stephen Bradberry discusses the special bond of people from Yorkshire

Halifax Minster
Halifax Minster

August 1 is traditionally known as Yorkshire Day. I’m sure God loves everyone equally and yet we often refer to Yorkshire as ‘God’s Own County’.

There has always been a special affinity between Yorkshire people. It is one of mutual care and support which characterises the Christian tradition.

In particular, we celebrate the connection we have with each other.

This is shown by mutual respect and a sense of belonging. We are proud to be Yorkshire people. We are proud of our landscape and our buildings. We are part of a caring community.

When you travel away to other parts of the world (including Lancashire) there is nothing like coming home. There is that sense of being part of a community where we belong. This feeling of belonging gives us security and a sense of worth.

This is the same quality that all caring families provide. In particular, we belong to the family of God.

Jesus came so that we might have something of this assurance and peace. He spoke about loving your neighbour. He spoke about the need to care for the poor and needy. He encouraged us to have love for one another and to show respect and care for the most vulnerable in our society.

Although we can’t claim to have a special line to God, we can speak to him in our prayers freely at any time and in any place. He is a God who cares and he will listen as we come close to him.

When we fly the flag for Yorkshire we are promoting all that is good about our county and that is not just buildings, it is about wonderful people and the care they have for each other. We are all one in Christ Jesus.


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