Canon Stephen Bradberry talks about the World Cup and how passion can be costly

Halifax Minster
Halifax Minster

The World Cup is a great source of enjoyment for many, nail-biting torture for others and sheer boredom for the rest.

The coverage on the television is wide and comprehensive and it’s difficult to avoid.

There have been many exciting moments and the last five minutes plus injury time of each match seem to last forever. When the football gets going, the sensitive hide behind the settee particularly during penalty shootouts and the indifferent go shopping. We don’t know what lies ahead but our anticipation for success is huge.

We are nearing the conclusion and this might be either a mercy or a torment.

I’ve learnt a lot about football over the last few weeks but I’ve learnt even more about diving - and that’s not in the swimming pool. Wrestling has also played a part as has the acting and showmanship – it’s all there.

The emotions of those competing as well as those spectating either at the matches or on television tell us something about commitment and passion. The success of the team and national pride is at stake.

Passion can be very costly especially when the object of our enthusiasm lets us down. The team’s performance can be exciting but it can also be disappointing. Elation has to be sometimes tempered by misery.

In many ways, this is a picture for living a Christian life. Commit and be passionate, but learn to live with the disappointments and the host of other emotions.

I’m sure that the God of the Cross can handle the desperations of our feelings. It would be wonderful to see a bit more passion in living our lives and being part of God’s team.


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