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With reference to the article in the Halifax Courier March 31 issue “Car Boot Sale Parking Plea”.

I would like say that I visit the car boot sale on a regular basis, and have never had a problem finding a space to park in Sainsbury’s between 10am and 1pm.

After visiting the boot sale we go into Sainsbury’s for breakfast, and to do our shopping.

I had never previously shopped at Sainsbury’s but I find it’s really convenient.

We are only talking about a three hour slot in the whole week, as Sainsbury’s opens at 10am, and the boot sale has finished by 1pm.

I would like to hear Sainsbury’s comments on this as I am sure the boot sale has brought many extra shoppers, like myself, into the store on Sunday morning.

If the policy to ticket cars after two hours is enforced, then I will just have to call in at another supermarket.

The parking in Halifax is now atrocious, They closed Broad Street, with no thought to where the shoppers could park, and the only time I bring my car into the town is Sunday, and now they want to spoil this.

Dorothy Hall