Car parking charges are a waste of taxpayers’ money

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I walked past Church Lane car park in Brighouse several times last week. The number of cars parked there varied between 13 and five with eight being typical, and this was during what should be busy times.

The usual number parked before the introduction of charges was almost 50. Surely, it will take many years before the revenue collected covers the cost of meters, signs and staff to monitor the parking? What a waste of taxpayers’ money.

The car parks in Brighouse town centre were also far from being full. All those empty spaces represent a failure on the part of the council and indicate motorists have gone elsewhere or parked where they shouldn’t.

Car parks are an amenity to improve local communities. They help people to live, work, shop, and enjoy entertainment and cultural pursuits in the towns. They are needed to help create vibrant and prosperous town centres. Empty spaces are a total waste of resources. It would be better making the charges 20p/hour with the first hour free or make them all free and selling off the meters. That would be a good test of whether the council is motivated to make money or do its best for the community.

Bob Mantle

Cawcliffe Drive