Care home staff were fantastic at all levels

I feel compelled to write this letter, as my dear Mum passed away on October 4, having been a resident at Pellon Manor Care Home for 12 months.

I had my reservations about her going to live in a ‘residential home’ as she has always been fiercely independent. She’d had dementia for a few years and there was not alternative.

We only usually see bad things in newspapers and on the news about problems with the care of the elderly so I want people to know how fantastic the staff are at Pellon Manor at all levels.

My Mum was well looked after and cared for and it’s like one lovely big friendly family there.

The support the staff have given to my Mum, especially towards the end, has been beyond the call of duty. One member of staff even coming in on her day off to sit and read to her and not leaving her side.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to all of them.

Sue Green, the Manageress, should be proud of them.

Helen Simpson