Care I got in Halifax was simply first class

The need for respect for elderly patients in the NHS has been in the news repeatedly this year. I have seen respect in its finest form during my recent stay in Calderdale Royal Hospital while recovering from a bout of pneumonia.

The care I received was first class from the moment the 999 call brought the emergency ambulance team to my home to the moment I was finally discharged.

I think I can speak with some experience as I presented with hypertension, pneumonia and long-standing arthritis.

Ward D3 and D8 nurses and doctors worked tirelessly, checking blood pressure and giving transfusions, injections and oxygen. In the same ward there was a hundred year old lady and a 90 year old, making my 69 years seem young.

I was able to see the respect and care given to all of us. I saw professional skill, patience, kindness, empathy, all done with good humour and respect for each ones’ dignity.

I say to the present government, “If you want to see respect for older people in action in its finest manifestation you need look no further than our local Calderdale Royal”. Nothing was too much, despite the large demands of administrative work that runs alongside the practical demands.

The recovery of patients demands teamwork. I would like to thank the cheerful dinner ladies who brought good meals to us, the ‘morning cuppa’ ladies, those who changed our beds and kept the floor so clean and fresh. All of these were a tonic for we recovering patients with whom they exchanged a joke and showed interest in how we were feeling.

Finally, the ‘icing on the cake’ was my being able to choose a favourite tune which was played by the Calderdale Hospital Radio ... which resulted in the patients being able to relax to a very special song being played which brought back many happy memories to them.

I am now home, well recovered and feel safe in the knowledge that our NHS at Calderdale Royal is providing an excellent service.

I can’t thank them enough.

Joan Topham

Ridge Hill