Carry on Cameron

Shaw Street

Holywell Green

Is David Cameron becoming the present day Walter Mitty of politics? He considers himself a present day Saviour who can sort out Libya and its despot dictator, a country which has nothing whatsoever to do with us, (apart from the oil of course).

Now he thinks he is a prophet Cameron and decides to give more of the taxpayers money away, £650 million to be precise, to further schools education in Pakistan while our very own schools’ budgets continue to suffer. Next he takes control of the National Health Service as chief surgeon with his best mate Cleggy as chief anaesthetist (shades of Carry on Doctor) so whatever next for the present day Walter Mitty?

I know that the last lot had their comedians: Gordon saving the world, the messiah Peter Mandelson, and the chuckle brothers David and Ed Milliband, but is Call Me Dave about to reach new heights? I know Jesus performed miracles (5 loaves and 2 fishes) but the way Call Me Dave is going I reckon he could eclipse even that, so Warburtons had better watch out as had Dr Doolittle, the new phenomenon will surely announce once more he will satisfy all of our concerns. It probably means just another U-turn like the forthcoming AV system, which his mate Cleggy has talked him into. Still we wait with bated breath for the next miracle to be announced, it’s anyone’s guess what that will be.

Donald Leach