Carry on spending - you are helping the economy!

I sympathise with Darren Gibson’s comments in Yoursay, 22nd December.

Venison is reported to be getting more popular even though it costs £20 per kilo when many hard working families will be struggling to afford much food this Christmas.

However it’s not just the Ruling Class of David Cameron who have loads of money to spend. Many ordinary people are in secure jobs with a reasonable income.

They have no need to cut back their expenditure if they are in a secure job. Indeed they must help the economy by continuing to spend.

Spending at least at a normal rate or enhanced rate will support jobs and businesses.

Certainly the more people reduce their spending the more the economy will reduce as fewer goods are required.

And it’s not just British produce that must be traded; we live in a global economy. If imports are reduced it will reduce jobs aboard thus reducing the ability of foreign people to buy British goods.

Similarly if an individual saves more, their amount of cash available to buy goods is reduced. Hence jobs are again under threat.

So if you have a secure job and need a repair or extension to your house or feel like a holiday get on with it, you are helping to support jobs, industry and the economy.

While the Tories are cutting expenditure from the economy at the worst possible time we must spend as much as posible.

Richard Ramsden

Clover Hill Road