Carry on working is my Plan B

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The Olympic legacy continues.

About £150 million of tax payers money will be used to fund the conversion of the Olympic Stadium to a football stadium for West Ham. It does provide a typical example of the Government’s “Live now Pay later” philosophy. The recent budget revealed that the Chancellor is incapable of balancing the books and the Government as a whole seem to have no coherent plan for the nation’s long term future. At 75, I do not have a long term future but want my grandchildren to have good lives.
I am quite capable of running my own finances but my major financial concern is that my grandchildren will have debts of at least £50,000 on graduation. The legacy of my late wife was to leave her life-time savings for our grandchildren but with five grandchildren it will not cover these debts. However, unlike George Osbourne, I do have a plan B. It is to carry on working about three days per month and use this income to help my grandchildren.

Barry Crossland

Elland Lane