Churchill spirit drives me on

I am flattered that so many local Tories see my continuing support for electoral reform as such a threat to their party’s interest that they write to ‘Your say’ urging me to abandon that long-standing commitment because the recent referendum failed to endorse AV.

Thankfully Winston Churchill himself, like me, a proponent of a radical form of proportional representation (an option David Cameron refused to put to the vote), was not deflected by similar Tory pressure urging him to stop campaigning against their then government’s disastrous policy prior to WW2 of appeasing Hitler.

Neither, fortunately, did Winston in 1940 accept the advice of that eminent Tory grandee, Lord Halifax (whose attitude clearly still persists among some of the Town’s Conservatives) that he should negotiate a settlement with the Nazis in 1940, rather than fight on against the odds.

Had Churchill not been, as Bill Crabb (Your say, June 7) consider me, a ‘bad loser’ who refused to accept defeat, we could today be living in a colony of the Third Reich.

Bob Heys

Bar Lane

Sowerby Bridge