Community urged to support Brighouse and not push the town into decline

Brighouse Gala
Brighouse Gala

I wanted to thank everyone who responded to my letter on June 7 regarding parking charges in Brighouse.

I notice that now the council seem to be reversing parking charges in Elland because they say it will help economic growth.

Does the same rule not apply to Brighouse? Or do they wait until they’ve decimated a town centre before they act to try and reverse it?

I’m really concerned about what kind of a place we will leave for our kids – I don’t want my kids hanging about in a dead town centre that’s been left to the dogs.

We all know what happens when people stop looking after towns and communal places. First it’s a window or a bus shelter smashed, then graffiti, then before you know it the shops are shut, young people hang around with nothing to do and no one bothers to fix it because no one cares about the place.

Once a town goes this way it’s a lot harder and more expensive to repair and return it to its former glory than it was to maintain it in the first place.

Also, I am absolutely disgusted by the state of the roads around Brighouse and Rastrick. Coupled with the parking charges and a lack of maintenance of the market, it all points towards a Brighouse in decline.

I think events such as the 1940s Weekend and the Gala shouldn’t be taken for granted – they are precious gems that make Brighouse life what it is. But taken for granted they are – they will soon disappear if this council pushes Brighouse into decline with more penny pinching.


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