Complain in writing if you dislike the waste service

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I was encouraged to see David A Austin’s letter in the Courier last week regarding the ‘appalling lack of service provided regarding waste collection’. I too had complained to the Council on this matter.

The suspension of service for over a month had affected a great many in our areas and I considered the Council needed to be informed in order to remind the company concerned that this is a service we pay for. I had also found the waste collection company, SITA Ltd, to have a very sloppy attitude generally (leaving bins in random locations etc). To my surprise I received several very defensive, if not patronising, replies from the Council which seemed to contradict the reality of the situation. The reality is that for the past two winters, despite the fact that most roads are cleared by the hard working people of our areas, SITA Ltd has used poor weather as an excuse not to deliver the service we pay for. I can take my complaint to the council no further at this time but I strongly urge everyone who is affected by this poor waste disposal service to complain in writing/via email to the Council. The more people complain, the greater chance of us seeing an improvement in the service. It is a passing inconvenience at present, however, if it continues we could see a pest control problem arising…and the Council will be the first to charge you to deal with that problem!

Katherine Wilson

Buckstones Close

Holywell Green