Complete dog form and lobby councillors

As you reported some time ago the Council is proposing to introduce five orders restricting a dog’s prescence in certain areas, requiring them to be on a lead by direction in other designated areas and requiring them to be on a lead on public highways.

Nowhere in the Council’s consultation document is a publc highway defined. Having asked for a definition I quote the reply.

“Highways by definition include public rights of way and these therefore would be included in this proposal”

Quite simply this means dogs have to be on a lead at all times on public and permissive paths, bridleways and canal tow paths. So where in Calderdale can dogs be excercised off the lead in Caldedale?

The consultation document states “ We are mindful of the need for those in charge of dogs to have access to areas where they can excercise their dogs without undue restriction.” This is clearly not the case and I can only conclude that by not making the scope of this order clear it is hoped to push it through by stealth.

The only way these measures will be amended is by us, the public, making our feelings known by completing the dog control orders questionnaire. This can be obtained on line at:

or at council offices. Please note the closing date is 11 November

I also urge you to lobby your local Councillors to seek suitable amendments.

Dick Stephenson

The Hullet