Cost of AV is less than they think

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Longfellow Court


It’s now been confirmed that a referendum will take place on May 5.

People will have a vote on whether they wish to change our current political system to the alternative vote system. I’m hoping there will be a serious debate as to the merits of each system, so people can make an informed choice. I was therefore saddened to see NO2AV have launched their campaign with a cynical attack on the costs of AV.

They claim AV will cost us £250 million, which for comparison is about two days worth of interest payments on our national debt. In reaching this pie in the sky figure they have included the £90 million cost of the referendum, but this cost will be occurred whatever choice people make.

They also include £120 million for counting machines, even though AV if chosen could still be counted by hand. If we did decide to invest £120 million in counting machines, then like washing machines they might prove to be efficient labour saving devices. With such misleading figures launching their campaign, when will they develop the bottle for a real debate?

James Baker