Could Hove Edge be next?

We wish to congratulate your reporter, Toby Higgins, for the many features he covered recently in his four weekly coverage of ” I Love Hipperholme and Lightcliffe”.

He spent many hours, often until late into the evening, conducting his research, meeting organisations, local councillors, residents and community groups to find out about local issues, to enable him to capture the many successes, issues of concern and interesting things to highlight in the area.

We know from speaking with many local residents that his efforts were well appreciated by your readers.

Keep up the good work Toby and good luck with future features on different areas within Calderdale.

Maybe next year you could consider featuring Hove Edge and Bailiff Bridge, as like Hipperholme and Lightcliffe, both areas have unique features, and a long history.

Councillor Graham Hall

Councillor David Kirton

Councillor Colin Raistrick