Council cuts and chaos all round

Planning, responsibility, logic, sentiment and foresight - all missing. Mrs Battye and Mr Collins, along with a few others, need to get off the magic roundabout they think they’re on.

Pear-shaped plans, all chaos: everything closing down; no parking facilities; some shops having to close down because of high rents and lack of parking; far too many bistros and un-roadworthy taxis.

The Council’s wanting to close stores down to build a library when we already have one. Plans for £19 million expenditure on the Piece Hall instead of bringing back the low rent stalls which we want.

Spending over £40,000 a year on bottled water for councillors’ personal use. Biggest laugh of all they are wanting to cut back opening hours and staff to save expenditure.

Removing the boating lake from Shibden; closing down the baths in Elland; increasing parking charges which are already bad; not doing anything about the disliked hospital food; closing down an important facility for the elderly and disabled, namely DART; refusing financial support to needed charities for the children with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Meetings behind closed doors; persisting with this library that hardly anybody wants; old people’s homes being badly affected. And so many other mistakes.

Start thinking of the children, disabled, the aged townspeople, visitors. No good having a bright light shining on neglect.

Instead of improvement, it’s chaos all round, everything the council have done, and want to do, is without doubt illogical and with lack of consideration for the young, disabled and old alike.

Cuts for everyone, yet your wages are already high and increasing!

Management is supposed to make good judgment. Go the way you’re going and we will have nothing left.

Mick McBride

Moorside Gardens