Council is using every trick

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The saga regarding the demolition of Northgate House is one big con. The Council is determined to move into spanking new offices in the Broad Street complex and, like a spoilt child, is using every trick in the book to get its own way.

Firstly it was stated that an inflated £15 million would be needed to refurbish Northgate House so it was better to demolish it.

In fact this could have been done for much less (landscaping?). When that ruse failed due to overwhelming opposition by way of petition, it was time to let the dust settle and come up with another strategy.

“I know,” I can imagine someone saying, “let’s ask Primark if they would be interested in a store on the site. Then we could ask the young ones the ‘loaded question’ if they would like a Primark in the town - but not mention it would have to be there. Then we could have a ‘for and against’ in the paper; just like we did with the wheelie bins.” “Great,” replied a fellow councillor, “we’ll try that. If that plan fails we’ll have to think again or we’ll not get our new offices. Thirty years is very old.”

As a previous correspondent wrote, “the whole thing stinks”.

Incidentally, isn’t it time the Council had a maintenance budget, so that buildings have no need to be sold off when repairs are needed?

Brian Davey

Crag Lane