Council pool blunder is hard to fathom . . .

I read your piece about Manor Heath paddling pool. I think it is a joke that they have filled the PADDLING pool with sand.

I went there with my sister, a friend and four very disappointed 10 and 11 year old’s.

It was the hottest day of the summer holidays and we decided to go there to play and cool off.

When we saw the sand, we left for Green Head park in Huddersfield instead as I knew there was water in their paddling pool.

I promptly tried to air my complaint and rang Calderdale Council, who state on their website that the pool is open in the school holidays.

It does not state that it is full of sand, nor does it call it a sand pit. They passed the buck on to Manor Heath saying I needed to ring them about my complaint.

I gave up trying to complain after three failed attempts with no-one answering the phone.

I then read in your paper that Calderdale Council have filled the pool with 40 tons of sand, not the park at all.

Not everyone wants to play in sand, really it is only suitable for the younger children, at 10 and 11 its not really the ‘cool’ thing to do.

It is hard enough finding things for this age group to do, that doesn’t always have to be paid for, this would of been a lovely free afternoon out.

I think it should be used as a paddling pool as it is meant to be, if they would like a sand pit too, I’m sure that could be accommodated somewhere else in the park.

Also it says in your story that it was drained in 2006, I have a picture taken at Manor Heath Paddling Pool within the last two years of my daughter and a friend splashing a round in the pool, so it has been filled much more recently and hopefully it will be filled again.

If not it looks like more trips to Green Head Park, where Kirklees Council have got it just right!

Lisa Jenkinson