Councillors could volunteer as well

Green Royd


I cannot say I am surprised that the council have chosen the easy option to cut money, but I have a way that the council could help everyone. David Cameron is pushing the country to do more for our communities by volunteering, I am all for this. So perhaps the council can take a lead and start volunteering their time on the council.

Not I may add a new idea, in fact it used to be that councillors only got expenses, as they felt that helping their own communities was payment. So perhaps Calderdale council could spearhead this idea and show the people of Calderdale that they have indeed joined the Big Plan and care. We know that job losses are unavoidable, but they could cut the numbers of those losing their jobs dramatically.

I wait with baited breath to see if Calderdale Council really do care for the community, or if they feel that by taking a meagre 5 per cent cut in wages is all they have to do.

Shirley Buckley