Create a new east entrance on the Piece Hall

It is pleasing to note the upturn of interest in the Piece Hall, as shown in the Courier.

For my part, one of the best innovations would be to open up an attractive opening in the lower (east) side to encourage movement from the general direction of the railway station through Square Chapel and Square Church grounds.

This could incorporate a well designed roofed area.

The approach to the south and north entrances would be further enhanced by a similar free-standing modern metal structure like that in Westgate.

I have recently returned from my annual visit to my home town of Kettering and have again visited Corby New Torn and the delightful old school town of Oundle.

My previous comments about these three towns stand: Kettering could do a lot better but has replaced a block of houses on the old market place that were demolished in 1937 and is in the process of repaving the old conservation area there.

I have also heard from an old church friend that, after 40 years, the council there have belatedly realised what a lot of old Kettering has been demolished to be replaced by dreary, low quality tat. Calderdale please note and learn from others’ mistakes!

Corby New Town, although only going back to the 1950s appears much older as the modern architecture there is all of good quality.

Oundle is a town ruled by the public school there, even though the council thinks it rules.

The result is that, apart from one supermarket housed in a quality new building, the streets there are delightful; retaining as it does all that is best from the late lamented traditional high street.

Any people interested in the future of this still attractive town of Halifax, be it councillors or officials, could learn a lot from these three Northhamptonshire towns.

Althouth Northants is a very attractive but little-known part of England I am more than happy to be living in Halifax.

I have now lived here for over 40 years and I look forward to becoming an adopted Yorkshireman in another 5 years!

Graham Rigby

Jubilee Road