Cricket Club Shambles!

Stainland Road


It is surprising, that someone of Colin Graves business experience, has allowed the officials of the club, the Chief Executive (now north of the border) and the Finance Director to blindly go where no one in YCCC has gone before - into the red by £2 million!

I, as a member, only have the sanitised view of the Financial position as set out in the Annual Accounts and therefore do not know why the Club was allowed to plough on in the year to a situation where expenditure reached £7.5 million (only £200,000 less than the bumper Ashes year), whilst income crashed by £2.85 million.

Blaming the loss on the lack of support by the local Asian community only accounts for half the deficit. Why are subscriptions down by 24%? How many Asian Members do we have in percentage terms?

Yorkshire will have one of the finest grounds in the country, a reasonable team, but no money! I am surprised at Mr Graves, the owner of a supermarket chain, talking about the value of the Assets and the Long Term Liabilities, Fixed Assets don’t pay bills - I doubt the owner of my local Costcutter will exchange a loaf of bread for a brick out of my house!

If the overheads can now be cut by £3 million (Yorkshire Post 11.2.11) - why was it not done in July 2010 when the writing was already on the wall? If this had occurred perhaps the loss could have been cut by £1 million.

I wrote last July that the financial glory of the Ashes year was masking a Club whose finances were out of control!

I respect Colin Graves for the work and more importantly financial support which he has given to the Club - but he needs to ensure he now has the necessary professional help to get the Club out of the mire!

To opt out of the Ashes series is a sign of defeat - if Mr Graves thinks that I and many Yorkshire members are going to attend matches against second rate opposition, or teams whose honesty is questionable, then he is living in dreamland.

Peter Broadley FCCA