Criminals laugh at the sentences handed out

Yes, in reply to your article in Wednesday`s Courier “We’re out” (10 February), I do feel sorry for Anthony & Gareth Oldrieve, victims of mindless thugs who have no regard for anyone but themselves.

Mr Oldrieve and his son Know only too well that they would be fighting an uphill struggle and, that even if these criminals were caught, no form of compensation or satisfaction would prevail.

Turn two pages further on and a prime example of British justice can be seen, “Book-keeper in 20k fraud” is a free man.

Two well known Halifax businesses systematically robbed of vast sums of hard earned money over a period of time. Think of it, a lot of firms would have folded and or jobs been jeopardised.

Yet Kieth Evans, a man in a position of responsibility and trust, thought of nobody but himself. The prisons are “full to breaking point” Judge James Spencer QC remarked!

But did he send him down? Did he make him pay back the money stolen? Did he order for any assets to be seized?

No! Instead he dished out a sentence that criminals laugh at, hardly a deterrent?

So with Judicial attitudes that encourage the lower forms of life to carry on regardless I`m afraid that hard working, trusting individuals and businesses will have to be more vigilant.

Ray Sutcliffe