Customer is king at Broad Street Plaza

Council leader Jane Battye informs the rank and file that a Customer First contact point will be set up in Halifax, to finally bring us up to date with other, outlying, areas such as Todmorden, Hebden Bridge and Brighouse - how we’ve waited for this hour.

Officers have been busily researching “FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS”, the best place to put this, and have come to the conclusion that the new Broad Street development, “OPPOSITE THE BUS STATION” (that piece of information must have been included for the unlikely event that anyone in Calderdale has failed to spot its exact location yet), is the best place for it.

So, considering that this Customer First point is designed to make it easy for the general public to contact the council; and considering that most people wishing to contact the council in such a way are likely to be of the intention of telling them just how little admiration they have for said council’s various schemes and ideas; then, isn’t the placing of this ‘P.R. Exercise’ inside such a monstrous carbuncle a little bit like the following:

Man points to a cooked turkey and tells vegetarian friend, “There’s your Christmas present.” Vegetarian: “ What, a turkey?!!”

Man: “No, silly - it’s a two pound coin. Vegetarian: “Where?” Man: “ Er, right in the middle of the turkey.”

V. Hodgkiss