Cuts are down to huge debts piled up by Brown

Initially I would like to refer to a letter from Adam Wilkinson the Sowerby Bridge candidate on behalf of the Labour Party. He is confusing Local and National Politics.

Locally in 2009 I listened to the concerns of the people in my Ward regarding the closure of the Police Station and in respect of the policing in Sowerby Bridge. I then started a petition for a greater police presence which was supported by the community in Sowerby Bridge.

This petition was handed in to the Council and forwarded to West Yorkshire Police who in turn have posted two Police Community Support Officers for the town.

I would have liked to see the Police Station re-open but in the economic climate this is perhaps a little too much to hope for.

Now that is what happened locally regarding the police but when Mr Wilkinson talks of the huge cutting in public spending that includes the police he should remember why we are in this position.

When Gordon Brown was Chancellor he disposed of the country’s gold reserves and took money from the peoples’ pension schemes. He then became Prime Minister and in the short time that he held that post almost bankrupted the country. That is why now we are all struggling - to help pay off huge national debt!

Lastly, on another local issue, I would ask that the people of Calderdale don’t tar all of their Councillors with the same brush.

The people quite clearly told their representatives on the Council that they wanted to keep the Halifax Central Library and Archives exactly where it is next to the bus station. The Conservative Councillors stood by that decision and still do. We are a minority on the Council and the Labour/Liberal Group who are in control are the ones who are planning to demolish the library.

My Conservative colleagues and I are committed to fighting to keep the library and to represent the views of the people in Calderdale but we are outnumbered.

Martin Peel

Councillor for Sowerby Bridge