Cuts hurt people who gave most

The other day I read in the Courier that Councillor Battye said that, I assume the Lib/Lab Consortium, they had worked out how to save £1,000,000.

This was by making cuts by Council workers being made redundant which would mean the quality of services would suffer, Clubs pensioners attend, Clubs that disabled attend and many other organisations that give people a better quality of life.

These people are the ones that have worked hard and paid their Council Tax for many years and yes voted for you the Councillors only to be stabbed in the back.

The last estimate for the new Library to be built was by Councillor Collins was less than it was previously estimated and was a mere £8,000,000!

So why not forget about a new Library and do something with Northgate House then we could keep the staff that are to be made redundant and retain services as the status quo.

Of all the people I have asked about keeping the old library have said they agree ‘that to waste money on a new library is criminal when other services are to suffer’.

After the May Council elections will this include in their election leaflets that they will vote to build a new library or to retain the old library? In my opinion the Councillors in the May election will be asked this question many times, and there may not be any need any consultation necessary.

Stan Shaw