Cuts in services hit carers hard

I am an official carer for my wife, who is registered as severely disabled. For this I get no Carer’s Allowance whatsoever. I am 76 and under duress, doing the best I can like thousands of others unpaid carers countrywide.

I asked Social Services for a stand-in shower to be installed as I have to help my wife into and out of the bath.

The SS gave me another number to ring. This number gave another and so on.

Eventually I was told to ring the Pennine Housing Officer for my area. I rang Mr Idris and it was an answering machine.

I left a message for him but have not received a reply after two months.

I know the government has cut back on disability services, which will not affect them in the slightest, but for people like my and myself, who have worked by 90 years or so between us, we get treated worse than illegal immigrants. As “call me Dave” says, we are all in it together. Bull!

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