Dance display was uplifting

I feel compelled to respond to Derek Greenwood’s review of Hoovers Dance Studios performance, Dance, Music and Song at Victoria Theatre on Saturday as I have struggled to understand what he was really trying to say.

His very wishy-woshy description of the size of the venue did not do the performance any justice.

If he had put half as much effort into critiquing the show as the dancers had clearly put into perfecting a truly lovely and uplifting performance, his article would have included comments on how Lisa-Jane (Hoofers dance teacher) managed to pull off a very congruent, enchanting and at times amusing set of performances with her amateur dancers, who range in age from the very small to the more mature.

He would definitely have commented on the brilliant costumes and the amazingly quick costume changes some of the performers did.

He may done a little further research and found that this small dance studio with their commitment to dance and movement has in its time raised £22,000 for different causes.

Although there is no disputing the talents that AJ Brown brings to Hoofers show every year, I feel that the talents of Lisa-Jane and her dancers were not properly considered and represented in this article.

People are out there giving their all to a fabulous and well executed performance.

Mrs. N Hook

Audience member