Dave can certainly pick ’em

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If a footballer scores three goals his team as a whole as a rule will congratulate him for what is normally known as a hat trick. The same rule applies if a rugby player scores three tries and a bowler takes three consecutive wickets at cricket.

I wonder if the same rule can be applied to our glorious leader of the Tory Party, Call me Dave? He could not be classed as a footballer, rugby player or cricketer but as a member of the Chipping Norton set his hat trick has to be 1) Andy Coulson, 2) Jeremy Hunt, and now to everyone’s surprise 3) his handpicked Tory Chairman Baroness Warsi. This is certainly some hat trick but it turns out to be for the other team. The first time one could say he was a bit unlucky the second time rather careless but the third time well a complete cock up. He certainly can pick ‘em our Dave no wonder he likes to relax with a glass of wine but if he continues much longer in this vein it will be smoking jackets and slippers or perhaps a new job with News International. I feel we shall know more after the Levinson inquiry.

Donald Leach

Shaw Street

Holywell Green