Dave - why did you introduce the Granny Tax?

The last three weeks have not been the best for Conservative Party Members such as me.

I have never been a fan of “Call Me Dave”, I didn’t vote for him, and he continues to portray an image of a “Teflon Tony” clone.

Prior to the last General Election, which the Tory Party didn’t win’ against the background of an unpopular Labour Party who had run the Country’s Finances into the ground, the Conservatives had a healthy lead in the Polls, which “Dave” allowed to evaporated by opening his mouth on policy, before he had researched what he was going to say. As a result joe-public didn’t believe what “Dave” was saying, and the more thoughtful views of Vince Cable prevailed (though now in Government he looks like a fish out of water).

The Budget - 50p tax rate - there are no votes in reducing the rate now. Increase the starting band to say £300,000. Why introduce the “Granny Tax” - it’s wrong to attack those who have managed their financial affairs sensibly and are reliant on fixed incomes and savings interest, and it’s politically wrong because a significant proportion of the “Grannies” vote - and vote Conservative. Now “Dave” you have a Conservative manifesto - implement it, you will get re-elected and it might improve your badminton!

Peter Broadley