Dave will become as unpopular as Blair

Stainland Road


It is fairly obvious, since he began his campaign to become Tory Leader, that David Cameron (Call me Dave) has his idol - Tony Blair.

He certainly cost the Conservative Party the General Election, by adopting the Blair sales pitch of criticising his opponents, whilst not putting anything positive forward.

Having cobbled together a Coalition, with a Party more in keeping with his views, than that of which he is still nominally Leader, he has thrown away any respect which the electors had by being diverted from the only job, that of getting the economy on to a sound footing, to developing a “Big Society”, giving our taxes away to Pakistan, promising things on Europe and Human Rights which European Law will not let us achieve and now slagging off Oxford University for selecting what they believe to be the best students who benefit from a quality education, based on ability, rather than their home background or the colour of their skin.

As usual, he hasn’t done his homework properly and finishes up retreating and looking a fool.

“Dave” has already followed his idol in starting a war against an oil rich Arab nation, which was and is a waste of time, and which we will never win. He’s had the Blair fashionable addition to his family and he’s given everybody a paid holiday for Will and Kate’s nuptials.

Oh - how to try and gain popularity.

Sorry “ Dave” you will become as unpopular as your idol - if you haven’t reached it yet!

Peter Broadley