Deal with the crime hotspots - not villages

Shaw Street

Holywell Green

We continually read in the tabloids and are reminded daily how much the police are suffering under the current cutbacks and that this will lead to more crime.

Well it is a pity that we must endure the continuing presence of the speed trap which is parked outside the petrol station at Little Bradley in West Vale.

I would suggest the van would be better employed with its occupants doing the job it was built to do and that is catching serious offenders rather than the poor motorist who is being targeted time after time with a £60 fine and 3 points penalty.

Like most local villages, West Vale or Greetland as it is now known, is really not known as a criminal hotspot but I could name plenty in Halifax that are so.

Let us get our priorities right and show a little more consideration for the poor harassed motorist and find a more important job for the policemen and women who are sat hours on end helping the Treasury to collect more hidden taxes.

By the way I am a motorist but at the same time I consider myself a respectable and ordinary citizen who has served his country well.

Donald Leach