Declare views in advance

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When I looked in the 14th June Courier ‘Your Say’ I had to smile it reminded me of Crossley’s Carpets with its large mill chimney in the background especially since they did not include the top of the spire, even so to build a modern style building surrounded by listed buildings makes the whole thing look ridiculous.

I am sure that Julia Anderson, B. Darwin, Bob Hays and Colin Stout would agree along with the other 19,000 other petitioners. I would like to ask Councillor Tim Swift as head of the Council a pertinent question regarding (a) The total cost for the new library (b) Where is this money coming from (c) How long will it take to pay back (d) And who will be paying it back, sorry no need to answer this question as we know the answer already, but I personally would like to know how long it will take? Councillor Swift can you remember the meeting in the Town Hall prior to the May elections after the vote was taken and it was no to the new library you did not vote, someone asked you what do you vote and you replied that ‘you thought the old library should stay’ this was heard by a number of people. Do you also remember that when the meeting ended I met you in the main hall and I asked you ‘do you really mean what you said about keeping the old library’ and you replied ‘yes I do’. I propose that the issue about the new library should be put on hold until after the May elections 2014, and everyone wanting to be a councillor should declare in writing which way they will vote with regards to the new library and then we will find out how the Calderdale public feel about it without spending £57,000 on pathetic poll that hardly had any replies. So come on and send the answers to the Courier so that everyone knows what is going on and knows the truth about how much it is going to be for the new library, how long the ratepayers will be paying it off. A figure was mentioned to borrow £17.5 million paid back for 25 years of £700,000 per year, I do not know if this is true, but I do not believe that is a viable plan as where are the ratepayers going to find the money.

Stan Shaw