Disgusting amount of roadside rubbish

Towngate Sowerby

Through your pages may I express how disgusted I am with the amount of litter/dog mess to be found along the streets of Calderdale.

Take a walk from Sowerby to Hubberton, along Ratten Row Road to Millbank. It's disgusting! I find it unacceptable the amount of rubbish strewn along the roadside.

From beers cans to pizza boxes, from McDonalds containers to condoms. What's happening to the place? How come people have no pride in this beautiful area?

It's not just the Sowerby area which seems to be a mess, walk or drive anywhere in the Calderdale area and the sights are just the same.

Its totally unacceptable.

The other day, between Hubberton and Helme Lane I counted in excess of 120 items of rubbish on a stretch of road no more than 600 metres long!

Steve Scott