Display the Gibbet at our Piece Hall

Brookwater Close


In response to Bob Mantles letter (“Get them to flock to the Piece Hall”, Your say, February 23) I have to say I agree with his theory and to add to it, why not bring the Gibbet from its hiding place where we are not certain it belongs, and place it alongside some stocks, a section for the Duke of Wellingtons Regimental history, and The Crag Vale Coiners story.

People would certainly flock to see and read the history of our town, that many a city would be proud of.

Regarding other peoples’ opinion on Northgate House and surrounding buildings in the area, I am of the opinion that most of the serial moaners, tree huggers, and armchair civic accountants have probably never been to Primark, Wetherspoons, bowling alley, or down Westgate Arcade to partake in any beverage or tasty food that is to be found there at the beautiful cafés that people have put hard earned cash into.

If the serial objectors had lived 300 years ago the Piece Hall would never have been built, and North Bridge would still be a plank. Halifax is and always will be a northern industrial town with a growing population young and old, which needs a town centre, with its ancient and modern theme, attracting people back to a first class venue for tourists and residents alike.

G Whitehouse

l Editor’s note: Calderdale Council will launch a bid for £16m to revitalise the Piece Hall in April.