Dogs need plenty of excercise - so no bans

Having read yoursay (Friday September 30) I couldn’t agree more with Mr Robinsons letter, ‘it is impossible to exercise a dog without letting it off it’s lead and allowing it to run free’.

We took on a rescued labrador who had obiously been overfed and not exercised resulting in him weighing 49.5kg. After much commitment, and being allowed to run freely (I always clean up after him) around recreation grounds, woods, parks etc, he is now down to his ideal weight of 34kg.

I think this proves dogs need plenty of exercise! So to even consider banning dogs from woods, recreation grounds and other public places is ludicrous.

After all, is the council going to pay for prescription diet food for all the overweight dogs this proposed ban could result in?

If the council took a more active role in catching the irresponsible dog owners who allow their dogs to foul public places, this proposed ban would not have come about!

Heather Cole

Midgley, Halifax