Doing an excellent job in park

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When leaving the Manor Heath car park the other day I saw something that I felt was not quite right but I am not sure if I am being over sensitive.

Whilst walking from the cafe to the car park the gardeners were doing a sterling job in collecting the leaves that had dropped. When I started to drive home a man emerged from nearby with some full bin bags. These were emptied by him onto the heath and the bags had contained leaves that presumably he had collected from somewhere. With the rain and the wind these leaves are now presumably deposited in various locations on the heath and some could well have ended up in an area to be collected by the Manor Heath gardeners. We have leaves in our garden which I take to waste disposal. It would be easier to dump them on the Heath and the gentleman who did chose this was unconcerned as to who saw him. Is it important ? Probably not but it doesn’t seem quite right and it does reflect unfairly on the people who keep Manor Heath in excellent condition despite the cutbacks and their increased workload.

Terence Catchpole