Doing great job with our recycling

I would like to congratulate Calderdale and the re-cycling collectors for bringing in the new weekly collections for all types of re-cycling.

The system has been in place for just over a month and I have certainly found it more efficient and convenient.

I also think it was a very wise decision not to collect the landfill waste weekly, but to keep to the fortnightly collection. A weekly collection, in my view, could only encourage putting more waste in the wheelie bin because it could, in theory, take twice as much over the fortnight.

The cost of the ever increasing rate per ton of Landfill Tax is in our hands. If we want to avoid the tax we must all play our part in re-cycling as much as possible. We should be proud that in Calderdale we have a system that collects a greater variety of re-cycling items than many other local authorities. As Libdems we are committed to working to improve our environment.

Christine Bampton-Smith

Liberal Democrat Councillor

Luddendenfoot Ward