Don’t chuck out your TV for the big switchover

I write to reassure your readers, even though the Courier itself has already done this quite admirably in the article “Watch out for Digital Scam” (May 16), that it is not the case that “an old analogue TV, video or DVD recorder …won’t be able to receive the new signal”, as suggested in the editorial of this feature.

The Courier’s own article of May 16 helpfully made it quite clear you don’t need to throw your old TV away.

Nor is there such a thing as a ‘digital’ aerial.

However, I feel that your readers could easily be misled by the ambiguity of this feature, which seems to suggest that the helpless and uninitiated (I note without any inference, that the feature is in the “All Woman” section of the paper!) will be condemned to replacing allegedly obsolete equipment in the mistaken belief that they have to do this in order to continue watching Corrie and ‘Stenders after the September switchover.

There are a large number of qualified and accredited TV retailers in Halifax and Calderdale itself, most of whom are regular advertisers in The Courier, and all of whom can give free, impartial advice on how to minimise the cost and inconvenience of the necessary and rapidly approaching Digital TV switchover.

Have a look in Yellow Pages or on ‘tinterweb for TV shops and TV aerial installers, and choose one that is approved by Digital UK, the independent not-for-profit organisation that’s sorting it all out for us.

After all, you’d not want to miss a single episode of Simon Cowell, would you!!

Richard A Lockyer

The Hifi Centre

Westgate Arcade Shopping Centre, Halifax*