Don’t get your kicks on canal route 66!

As chairman of Brighouse Angling Association, I feel it is only right to voice my opinion about the article featured in Wednesday’s Courier.

Our angling club has leased the Calder & Hebble Navigation from Brighouse to Salterhebble for many years without any incidents but since Calderdale Council has relaid the towpath things are starting to get very heated between anglers and some cyclists.

When the towpath was given a smooth surface and route 66 was opened, clear signs were put up along the canal asking cyclists to give “two tings” of their bell and give priority to pedestrians at all times. Unfortunately some cyclists display a blatant disregard for other canal users by using the towpath as a race track. I have a disabled child who is also profoundly deaf. These ignorant cyclists need to consider that other canal users may well be disabled or elderly, which is precisely why they should not only ring their bell, but slow down!

I own an angling shop and get to hear about various incidents that are happening on a regular basis and, believe me, not all these are down to anglers.

It is only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

As an angling club that pays a lot of money for fishing rights, I feel it is only right that cyclists should have to purchase a licence and abide by a code of conduct. Once again, it is the minority spoiling it for the majority.

David Finnigan

Brighouse Angling