Don’t let us go down with EU sinking ship

The letter “Half in, half out is no good for anyone”, (Your say, September 3) spelt out my thoughts on the way our country is drifting into Europe without the consent of the electorate.

It would be a shame of the electorate of our land did not have a chance to vote in a referendum on our membership of the European Union.

We pride ourselves that this is a democracy so why has there never been an open vote on this issue?

There has been a campaign running on some national newspapers, with a coupon to fill in and post. The more people signing up to this campaign would make the Members of Parliament take notice and be spurred on to doing the same thing by organising a referendum.

I would be great if the Halifax Courier, the voice of Calderdale, could print such a coupon for the readers to use and in this way swell the number of people requesting a referendum on this supremely important issue; which will not only affect our lives but all the lives of future generations.

These days it seems to be assumed that everyone can respond by e-mail or on-line but many of us, particularly older people, are not able to do this and we feel that we are ignored. Yet we can read and we can write, we can fill in a coupon and we can post it, in the time-honoured way.

The weight of public opinion on this issue need to be so overwhelming that political parties can no longer ignore it.

To me the EU is a sinking ship and I for one do not want Britain to go down with it.

Margery King

Hudson Mill Road


Hebden Bridge