Don’t spend a penny more on the Piece Hall

With cuts being sought for the council budget, can I propose one? That cut being that council spends not another penny on the “Jewel in Halifax” also known to mere mortals as the Piece Hall.

Why? Because when the work is completed this council is going to pass it into private hands. Various responses have been given. A private company will be taking over the day to day running; an undisclosed party will be “sold” the Piece Hall. A charitable trust will be set up to oversee the running of it. This will involve two further layers of management being created, with the council maintaining ownership. A bit like Heath House. Spring Hall, which Northern Ballet(where are they now?) took over, after the council had brought it upto scratch for them. Every one else using it was made to move on.

The one thing all responses on this have in common is that this council will be spending council money doing up a building, that they describe as a “jewel” merely to pass it on once the work is complete. If this “jewl” is as prescious as some on this council make out why are they seeking to pass it on, once the council have finished the work?

You also have to wonder what fate awaits any adjoining buildings. After all how many private owners would welcome you building not just onto their property, but also into their property? Are the adjoining buildings going to share the same fate? Has this already been decided I wonder.

Will the money spent by this council be reflected in extended opening hours? Will the rents remain viable for those who currently have business interest there? How will the new owners treat members of the public, coming into a building that they once owned?

Will one plan that was circulated a few years ago result in the top balcony being converted to offices. And if it does, where will those who have businesses on that balcony go?

S. Loftus

Pros. Independent Candidate

Illingworth & Mixenden