Don’t try to compete with Leeds

I question whether a town the size of Halifax should be trying to compete with a city the size of Leeds.

While I can agree that more larger shops might be beneficial to the town I do not think it requires the whole of the Northgate House and Central Library site. Northgate House and its car park provide a large site which could accommodate an extensive two or three storey shopping complex which would be very much a part of the town centre without destroying the Library. There is also apparently a large vacant site on the corner of the new Broad Street development, and Marks and Spencer could add another storey to their shop which would double their selling space. There is also the large empty PC World on Pellon Lane and a vacant shop opposite the Bus Station. The most important factor about the Central Library is being ignored. It is its central location between the shops and the bus station. Moving it would certainly mean that those who benefit most from it – the elderly, disabled and parents with young children – would use it much less often or not at all. Our Library, in its location, its size and scope of resources, is one of the greatest assets the town has to offer its citizens. It is perfectly possible to provide more larger shops without knocking the Library down.

Liz Russell

Chester Road