Don’t waste more on Northgate

In March this year Councillor Collins said “people need to understand the dilemma”. Councillor Collins was on about the £15 million to restore Northgate House.

Now only two months later, Lib Dem Leader Janet Battye wants to waste more taxpayers’ money on fixing lifts. Money wasted on a building that is surely going to end up being demolished.

Why not plan ahead and find alternative premises for Council HQ. As I said in March, there’s a massive building by Old Lane that belonged to Canal Dying and wouldn’t cost £15 million to do up.

There’s also the old railway building (Working Museum) on land owned by Eureka off South Parade. The building at Eureka has lots of land and ample space for car parking. After all, somebody spent money on making a car park that is not used.

And when the Council HQ is demolished, let’s not have more shops built in its place (open to ideas?). Maybe an extension to the Bus Station?

Steve Webster

Myrtle Drive

Illingworth Halifax