Dukes’ proud name will never be forgotten

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I am writing to you about the story “Names scrapped as Battalions merged”.

First off, as an ex Duke, I will never let the regimental name be forgotten. Secondly, there are 1,000s out there who will say the same thing. We have had the regiment’s name in brackets since the government gave us three Yorkshire regiments in 2006, what were they thinking. People who have served in any branch of the services still use the name of the unit - regiment - corp and so on. If a regiment (whole) is wiped out in battle then the name is lost, but never forgotten. We who have served in ‘The Dukes’ are proud to have that name, our regiment was and still is part of our family.

Harry Flynn

(Ex Dukes and 
proud to be)

Powell Avenue

Little Horton