elland Hand pool over to the
people of the town

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I am writing about Elland pool as I do think it should be handed over to the Elland people. The council seem to forget about Elland, as Brighouse and Sowerby Bridge got a new pool.
We have two good councillors in Elland who are working very hard to get the pool open again. I also think the shops should have a say as they gave me quite a lot of money for the walk I did. We have worked very hard to get the money for the pool although we still have a long way to go.

Myself I would like the money to go back into Elland if we don’t get the pool. Halifax is getting a new library and a lot of money spent on the Piece Hall. Granted it will bring trade in if the shops come back, but Elland seems to have been forgotten.

Mrs B McLean

Norton Close, Elland