Elland was an excellent teaching pool

Elland pool closed for safety reasons - surely not for good! This is an excellent teaching pool and always clean.

I was employed by Calderdale Council for 17 years, during the 1970s and ‘80s, teaching primary school children, water babies, ducklings, private and adult lessons.

It has always been well used and popular bath for generations and still good for more.

Come on Calderdale Council, re-roof and re-open this pool as a priority.

We are asked to do more exercise - what better than swimming and do something for Elland for once.

“No money” do I hear? Put the idea of a new Halifax Library on hold.

This is not a priority as the existing young, purposely-built Library, ideally situated with easy access for young and old, on the flat and close to the bus station is perfect as it is.

M Burgin